Body Nourishing, Soul Satisfying, Sanity Supporting Yoga

Welcome to Seattle Yoga Arts!

You are worth caring for. 

We offer good old-fashioned yoga in a thriving community of dedicated faculty and practitioners. Our yoga is an alignment based, heart infused practice that is body nourishing, soul satisfying and sanity supporting.  Our classes flow, but not too fast. The room is warm, but not too hot. We emphasize alignment, but not without losing the flow. Just right!

Our methodology and offerings are time tested, guided by Denise Benitez, who founded the studio in 1990.  Under the guidance of our skilled teachers, find space and strength that you didn’t know you had using alignment principles that release tension, create strength, and allow freedom of expression.

We know yoga doesn’t contain everything, so we are also dedicated to the study of innovative and effective biomechanics and somatic research and inquiry into meditation and consciousness streams from every tradition.

Everyone is welcome here!


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Yoga for Vata Dosha Series
Four Sundays
September 14 - October 5

sit stand walk.png

How to Sit, Stand and Walk

Saturday September 20

sound healing_tibetanbowls.jpg

Body Harmony: Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

Sunday September 21


Applied Psychology for Yogis

Friday September 26 - Sunday September 28
Four segments: take one or take them all!