Body Nourishing, Soul Satisfying, Sanity Supporting Yoga

"Classes are taught by insightful, talented, and bio-mechanically astute teachers providing the perfect balance of physical intensity, intellectual inquiry, and spiritual nourishment." Student Laura J

Welcome to Seattle Yoga Arts!

Are you ready for depth in your yoga practice? Are you looking for more than sweat?

We offer good old-fashioned yoga in a thriving community of dedicated and welcoming faculty and practitioners. Our yoga is an alignment based, heart infused practice that is body nourishing, soul satisfying and sanity supporting.  

Our classes flow, but not too fast. The room is warm, but not too hot. We emphasize alignment, but not without losing the flow. Just right!


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New additions to our weekly classes:

We'll have several changes starting in March: New classes and new times. Click here for a sneak peek.  Please see our Class Schedule for all of our current ongoing weekly options!


Coming up next at the Studio:

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Morning Practice Series: Till Your Soil

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings March 2 - 27

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Elemental Rest: Ayurvedic Basis for Restorative Yoga 
Friday through Sunday March 13-15