Body Nourishing, Soul Satisfying, Sanity Supporting Yoga

"Classes are taught by insightful, talented, and bio-mechanically astute teachers providing the perfect balance of physical intensity, intellectual inquiry, and spiritual nourishment." Student Laura J

Welcome to Seattle Yoga Arts!

Are you ready for depth in your yoga practice? Are you looking for more than sweat?

We offer good old-fashioned yoga in a thriving community of dedicated and welcoming faculty and practitioners. Our yoga is an alignment based, heart infused practice that is body nourishing, soul satisfying and sanity supporting.  

Our classes flow, but not too fast. The room is warm, but not too hot. We emphasize alignment, but not without losing the flow. Just right!


Work-Study Opportunities

Are you a current student with a flexible schedule interested in a work-study position at Seattle Yoga Arts? If so, please click here to email your resume to our Studio Manager, Aimee, and to receive more details! Emails only, no phone calls please.


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Coming up next at the Studio:

See our Series, Workshops and Advanced Learning pages for more information on the following:

Thanksgiving Day Practice

November 26 (still space available!)


Slow and Low

December 5

New weekly ongoing classes!

Yoga Fundamentals with Claudette, Thursdays 6:15-7:30pm.

Functional Movement Yoga with Dawn, Tuesdays 12:00-1:15pm.

Yoga & Deep Tissue Hybrid with Beth, Wednesdays 5:45-7:00pm


November is Gratitude Month at SYA!

Giving has been linked to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that induces feelings of warmth, euphoria, and connection to others.  As we enter the traditional season of giving and thanksgiving, we are excited to announce several ways in which we are expressing our gratitude by sharing the gift of yoga with our local community.  Here's what's left:

Pay it Forward – Month of November

It goes without saying that yoga classes should be accessible for all, but sadly not everyone can afford to attend.  To that end we’re rolling out a program for the month of November that will enable you to buy a yoga class for someone in need.  It’s simple:

  • Purchase a “Pay it Forward” class donation from the front desk or online for only $10.
  • Complete the gift card and hang it on the bulletin board in the lobby (we'll do this for you if you buy online).
  • Help spread the word to folks you know who are in need of a free class.
  • Delight in knowing that your small gift will help someone reap the benefits of practicing with the SYA community.