Our classes are infused with heartfelt wisdom and insight, rooted in effective physical alignment concepts, and informed by current biomechanics and somatic research. All bodies, ages and fitness levels are welcome in our supportive community!

Seattle Yoga Arts offers group classes both on-site in our beautiful studio and online

All Levels

This mixed level class will be tailored to meet the needs of the students who attend. All levels are welcome!

Candlelight Restorative
with Healing Touch

This class is a deep, luxurious dive into stillness, allowing you to access your own inner healing potential. Focused on deep rest of both body and mind, Restorative yoga is a receptive practice in which your body is passive throughout the experience, completely supported by props, allowing you to release into subtle postures. Postures (usually 3-5 per class) are held anywhere from 10-30 minutes to soothe your nervous system. You will explore the energetic union of breath and long-held passive asana. Gentle massage, Reiki, and guided meditation will facilitate a deeper experience of release and relaxation. No yoga experience is necessary; simply come with the willingness to be still and present with yourself. Please dress in layers, and bring an eye cover and socks. Pre-registration highly recommended; class size is limited and normally fills in advance.

Community Class

Seattle Yoga Arts is committed to making yoga accessible to everyone! In service of that goal, we offer an all-levels Saturday Community Yoga Class at a deeply discounted drop-in rate of only $8. This weekly class is for every body, regardless of shape, size, or level of experience, and will be led by a rotating pool of graduates of the esteemed Seattle Yoga Arts 200-hour Teacher Training program. The class will be tailored to meet the needs of the students who attend. Please note: Community Classes are not included in SYA's class packages or Monthly Memberships.


A stronger class that refines basic asanas, introduces deeper poses, and builds confidence and endurance through further integration of alignment principles. Recommended for practitioners with at least one year of experience.


Suitable for beginners and all those who want a skilled foundation in yoga, this class incorporates alignment principles to emphasize strength, resiliency and stamina of the physical body through respectful and intelligent movement.  


For those with minor injuries, seniors, or anyone looking for serenity and rejuvenation of body and mind. Benefit from the healing aspects of yoga in this gently paced, integrated movement class. Pre-registration strongly recommended for Saturday 9:30am Gentle with Rainey; class size is limited.

1/2 Gentle, 1/2 Restorative

This nourishing class opens with about 25-30 minutes of gentle, slow, therapeutic movement before dropping into stillness with Restorative poses for the duration of the session. Restorative yoga is a receptive practice, with long-held poses, focused on calming the body's nervous system. Suitable for all levels, and a great way to rejuvenate mind and body mid-week. Please dress in layers, and bring an eye cover and socks.

Mindful Flow

This moderately paced practice emphasizes creative, intelligent movement that balances strength and mobility, cultivates healthy alignment, and allows time to sense inwardly. Recommended for practitioners with at least one year of experience.

Morning Practice

An all-levels flow class with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness. Classes include a range of actions to warm up and enliven the body as we work to move through space with power and intention. Classes end with restorative postures and a brief meditation to support a strong and grounded start to the day.

Prenatal Yoga

Cultivate a sense of ease, strength and grace with which to meet the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and new motherhood. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy; partners, postpartum mothers, and pre-crawling babies also welcome.

Qi Gong

The gentle flowing practice of Qi Gong is a kind of moving meditation that enhances our awareness of the energy in our body and in the world around us. Each class will start with stretches and movements that are similar to yoga postures. The aim of this warm up is to clear tension from the body and release stagnant energy while freeing the joints and increasing overall strength and flexibility. This will prepare us for the flowing movements that support the circulation of fresh energy in the body and soothe the nervous system. Class may include work with healing sounds and acupressure points. Every class will end with flowing sequences and guided meditation. Practice Qi Gong to enhance vitality, relieve stress, increase flexibility and power, cultivate mental clarity and calm.

Slow Flow with Supportive Touch

This all-levels class combines the gentle art of intentional touch with a stress releasing movement practice. Breathe. Sense. Release. Kathryn will lead a slow-flowing sequence that includes longer holds in familiar shapes. As you gently settle into each posture, Hanna will offer supportive, hands-on assists and compassionate touch to help you find a sense of both strength and ease. This combination of movement and touch encourages a deep release in your body and a sense of serenity in your mind. Pre-registration encouraged; class size is limited.

Strong & Resilient Yoga

An all-levels yoga class that emphasizes building strength and resilience for the body/mind. Special props include dyna-bands and resistance loops. This class is for anyone, at any age, who wants to improve strength using body weight conditioning that is incorporated into a yoga framework. Expect a well-rounded practice that balances strength, resilience and stability with flexibility, ease and connection to soul.

Yoga & Deep Tissue Hybrid

This hybrid class incorporates yoga for both strength and relaxation, basic breath work, and Yoga Tune Up®  practices and tools, targeted for deep tissue and fascial release and relief. Appropriate for newer students, those who need options to modify their practice, as well as longtime students who enjoy a methodical, balanced practice designed to offer access to deeper fascial planes that regular asana does not address. Pre-registration recommended; class size is limited.

“The flexibility in the instruction allows for more than one level. I never feel weird doing only the first stage of a pose. All the instructors are experts and bring different aspects of yoga to the front.” Student Tia J