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300-hour YTT Practicum Session: Intro Series Specific (CANCELLED)

Practicum with Beth Award

An intro series is a great way to break down the basics of yoga and help cultivate a person’s confidence to attend public classes or to simply create a home practice. As teachers, we have the opportunity to impart the basics of yoga in a careful, sequential way so that a person’s ongoing yoga practice—of any style—is informed and enhanced.

So how would one break down the basics of this vast body of practice in 6 weeks and inspire and inform someone who may have never stepped foot inside a yoga studio? This is your opportunity to practice doing just that!

As preparation for this practicum, you should create a basic outline of a 6-week “Intro to Yoga” series, including the primary focus of each week. Come prepared to teach JUST ONE 60-minute “Intro to Yoga” class to your practicum cohort.

The 60-minute class you choose to teach should be fully fleshed out, including:

  • Warm ups, movements/postures, cool down
  • Simple alignment concepts that apply to the poses you teach (tip: avoid yoga jargon or lingo)
  • Suggestions for alternative actions / accessible movements for brand new practitioners (Tip: Assume that among the students you will have someone with “bad” knees, wrist sensitivity, “tight” hamstrings…)

This practicum will include peer teaching, and receiving and giving feedback.

Tuition: $90

Schedule: Saturday, June 16, 1:00-6:00pm

Hours: In this practicum, you will earn 1.0 hour of "active teaching", plus 4.0 hours of Contact Hours with a Non-lead Trainer.


Please note: This workshop is open to yoga teachers only. It is also part of our 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training program. If you are taking this workshop toward your advanced teaching certification, please register for the 300-hour program in advance.