200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Seattle Yoga Arts' year-long 200-hour year-long Teacher Training Certification is a 12-month course of study consisting of one weekend per month, January – December 2020.

Our 2019 200-hour Teacher Training program is currently in session. Please read on for full details on this program, and our 2020 program application below.

Upcoming Info Sessions for our 2020 program:

  • Tuesday, October 15, 7:15-8:15p

  • Sunday, November 10, 12:30-2:00p

  • Monday, December 2, 7:15-8:15p

RSVP for info sessions by emailing us at info@seattleyogaarts.com

What Our Graduates Say ...

“I appreciated that the program was geared toward explorations of ourselves, our voices, our purpose, etc. The program was not prescriptive and made it clear that everyone has something to give to the yoga world. Each of the instructors was so kind and knowledgeable." ~MH (2016 graduate)

"Extraordinarily bright, empathetic, knowledgeable and approachable instructors. Very clear and vivid presentation of a truly vast amount of information. Creative approach to teaching with ample time for questions, reflection, and absorption. Lots of opportunity to put theory into practice.” ~MR (2016 graduate)

“I was very pleased that this program was spread over the course of a year. It’s my opinion that a shorter, more intensive program could not allow for the growth and integration that a year long program does.” ~Anonymous (2018 graduate)

“It is safe to say that participating in this teacher training truly changed the way I live. The program was able to capture and teach the spirit of living with heart and community that was not in my life prior to this experience.” ~Anonymous (2018 graduate)

"This year has changed my life in so many ways and I am truly grateful. Exceptionally high level of instruction, teaching methodology and course materials. Each teacher brought a unique and valuable focus and perspective." ~GK (2017 graduate)

"This program has allowed me to show up in other areas of my life as a more authentic, accepting, imperfect, patient, loving version of myself. Each of the teachers brings such richness and depth of knowledge to the program." ~TP (2016 graduate)

Taking the Seat of the Teacher


The impulse to take the seat of the teacher arises most auspiciously from the passion and blessings of your own practice, which create a heartfelt desire to offer the gifts of yoga to others. You become an excellent teacher when you bring head and heart, intelligence and passion together into your own individual form of teaching. This teacher training will first support you in establishing daily life practices that sustain and nourish a yogic lifestyle. We will then guide you in accessing your own creativity and brilliance and offer you tools to become the best yoga teacher you can be. We will also take you on a grand tour of the yoga tradition, its philosophy, insights, and texts. We will offer you the very best of our many combined years of teaching and teacher training, so that you will leave this program prepared and inspired to teach effective, contextualized yoga to a diverse body of students.

Core FacultyBeth AwardEllen Boyle, Nathaniel Amos — all experienced teachers and teacher trainers

Adjunct Faculty: Claudette Evans, Denise Benitez ("Neuroscience and Meditation" and "The Science of Stretching"), Michael Jacobus (Anatomy), Meg Agnew ("Mindfulness"), Bianca Raffety ("Ethics of Teaching Yoga" and "Projection and Transference in the Classroom")

This training will earn you eligibility for certification through Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.

200-hour Teacher Training Curriculum

Establish the Daily Habits of a Yogi

  • Create a steady home asana practice

  • Learn pranayama

  • Establish a daily meditation practice: sourcing the great well

  • Refine your poses: personal guidance on your practice

  • Contemplate: source great teachings and your own insight for life wisdom

Foundations of the Yogic Path

  • Two great texts of yoga: The Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • History of yoga, where the poses come from, the evolution of yoga in the West

Dwell in the Body Vessel

  • Fundamental anatomy with Michael Jacobus

  • Cultivate receptivity as a student and a teacher

  • Embody and teach the elements of earth, water, fire, air, spirit

  • Access your own creative fire

  • What to practice, and when: Teach for different times, seasons, life transitions

Subtle Body Knowledge

  • Introduction to the chakras – the seven energy centers as a model for awakening

  • Layers of being: the koshas

  • Rivers of life: nadis and kundalini

Take the Seat of Teaching

  • Learn a refined, logical system of body alignment for asana and teaching

  • How to teach all categories of poses safely and effectively: standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, restoratives

  • The art of verbal and manual adjustments

  • Peer teaching with feedback

  • Build a wave: the craft of sequencing

  • Observation and seeing beauty in the student

  • Teach with a theme: how to teach a meaningful, contextualized yoga class

And More

  • Find your inspiration

  • Clarify your unique contribution

  • Study and practice groups

  • Keep a sadhana (practice) and insight journal

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for our 2020 200-hour Teacher Training program!

Your application, and $200 non-refundable deposit, can be dropped off or mailed to Seattle Yoga Arts, 1540 15th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, or emailed to info@seattleyogaarts.com. You may also call the studio at (206) 440-3191 to pay the application fee over the phone.

We will respond within 2 weeks of receiving your application to let you know whether you have been accepted into the training. Please do not send any further payments until you hear from us.

NOTE: Upon acceptance, your application fee will be rolled into your full training tuition. That is, your first weekend fee will only be $103.75.

Tuition Fees

The entire SYA training totals $3,645.
Program enrollees can arrange to pay $303.75 per training weekend.

Students enrolled in the program will receive six (6) free yoga classes, plus 20% discounted class packages*, at SYA for the duration of their training. Students can expect to spend about $100 on books, and will also be required to take three (3) classes at other studios. There are no further fees or workshop/retreat costs.

*Please note: SYA's Monthly Membership, Annual Membership, and income-relevant packages are not included.

Two (2) income-relevant scholarships are available for our year-long program. They reduce the fee by 40% and require financial disclosure for application. Deadline for application is November 30. You can download the scholarship application here and send it along with your application to info@seattleyogaarts.com.

Payment Options

Pay in full: We will happily take payment in full via check or credit card.

Auto-pay: If you choose to pay monthly, we ask that you authorize automatic payments to your credit card. Once you are accepted into the program, we will provide you with a credit card authorization form giving us permission to do so. Your credit card will then be automatically charged $303.75 on the Friday of each training weekend.

By check: You may pay the $303.75 via check on the Friday of each training weekend. As a way of honoring the exchange of energy that is represented by money for teaching, we expect students to take responsibility for this without having to be reminded.

Please do not proceed with full payment until we have responded to your application.

Why Study with Us?

Seattle Yoga Arts is renowned as a studio of depth and excellence in teaching. Since we began our Teacher Training program in 1998, we have trained some of the most beloved teachers in Seattle and beyond. We have had the time and experience to refine our program, and we continually refresh our training with current and vital concepts that enhance your potency as a yogi and as a teacher.

Our core faculty members were trained in Anusara yoga and understand that method deeply. We also honor and source the best from the fields of physical therapy, kinesiology, neuroscience, ayurveda, therapeutics, etc. We have a commitment to including the stream of Tantric teaching in our philosophy, while also continually revisiting the root texts of the yoga tradition.

We believe that being a yoga teacher is an honor, a privilege and a never-ending path of growth and service. We have seen over and over that yoga changes lives and know that being part of that evolution is sacred.


  • At least one year taking weekly (or so) public yoga classes

  • At least five (5) classes at Seattle Yoga Arts

  • A burning desire to learn more about yoga

  • Support network of family and friends for the duration of your training

  • Clarity about your schedule, capacities, and other commitments so that you are sure you can make space for this training in your life

Dates & Times

The year-long program consists of twelve weekends of 15 hours each beginning in January 2020 and ending in December 2020. There are study group gatherings and homework outside of class time. Students are required to attend 6 classes at SYA, observe 6 classes at SYA, and attend 3 classes at other studios throughout the course of the year. Plan on about two to six hours of outside class work a month.

2020 Weekend Dates: 
January 3-5
January 31 – February 2
March 6-8
April 3-5
May 1-3
June 5-7
July 10-12
August 7-9
September 11-13
October 2-4
November 6-8
December 4-6

Weekend schedule:
(Each day includes breaks for walks and food!)

Fridays – 1:30 to 7:30 pm
Saturdays – 12:45 to 6:45 pm
Sundays – 1:00 to 4:00 pm