300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

“A vocation is: The place where your deep gladness and the hunger of the world meet.”  
~Frederick Buechner

Join our modular 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training anytime!

  • Earn your 300 hours through stand-alone modules that you take as you like.

  • Work toward 500-hour RYT certification through Yoga Alliance or take modules independently for your own education and nourishment.

  • Begin the program when it works for you.

  • Learn on your own timeline: study what you want to study, when you want to study it.

  • Study with experts in their fields.

  • Take up to four years to earn your 300 hours.

  • Some classes are open to everyone; other classes open only to teachers, teachers in training, and teacher wannabes.

  • Receive discounted classes at SYA during the first year of your training. You'll pay only $10 per class.

  • Let us know what you’d like to learn; we’ll create a module around it!

Why study with us?

Seattle Yoga Arts is renowned as a studio of depth and excellence in teaching and our core faculty are among the most respected teachers in the Northwest. Since we began our Teacher Training program in 1998, we have trained some of the most beloved teachers in Seattle and beyond. We have had the time and experience to refine our program and we continually refresh our training with current and vital concepts that enhance your potency as a yogi and as a teacher.

Our core faculty members were trained in Anusara yoga and understand that method deeply. We also honor and source the best from the fields of physical therapy, kinesiology, therapeutics, etc. We have a commitment to including the stream of Tantric teaching in our philosophy, while also continually revisiting the root texts of the yoga tradition.

We believe that being a yoga teacher is an honor, a privilege and a never-ending path of growth and service. We have seen over and over that yoga changes lives and know that being part of that evolution is sacred.

Lead Faculty: Denise BenitezEllen BoyleClaudette Evans, Elizabeth Rainey

Upcoming Modules

how to teach intro series - beth 300hr TT-min.jpeg

Friday, April 19, 6:00-8:00p
Saturday, April 20, 1:00-7:00p

Hours: 8.0

Add-on Practicum
Add 5.0 hours of practicum on Sunday, April 21, to workshop the content learned during Fri & Sat. Please note registration for practicum is separate.

How to Design & Teach an Intro Series

with Beth Award

An intro series is a great way to break down the basics of yoga and help cultivate a person’s confidence to attend public classes or to simply create a home practice. As teachers, we have the opportunity to impart the basics of yoga in a careful, sequential way so that a person’s ongoing yoga practice—of any style—is informed and enhanced.

So how would one break down the basics of this vast body of practice in 6 weeks to inspire and inform someone who may have never stepped foot inside a yoga studio? This interactive workshop will spark your creativity for teaching an intro series. With lecture and discussion we’ll cover:

  • What elements to consider in designing and teaching an intro series

  • How to inspire students without overwhelming them

  • How to add value to the student’s experience by including informative pre- and post-class communication

  • How to draw on your own values and strengths as a teacher in order to offer a multifaceted, practical, and empowering series

  • How to offer variations to make movements and postures more accessible

  • Easy-to-teach alignment concepts that apply to all categories of poses

You’ll come away with the building blocks to create your own 6-week intro series.

$160 Early bird pricing through Apr 14
$200 Full price April 15 & after

Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to module start; after which, no refunds are given.


Saturday, May 11, 12:30-6:30p
Sunday, May 12, 1:00-4:00p

Hours: 9.0

Somatic Experiencing® and Yoga: Tending Trauma and Chronic Stress Through the Wisdom of the Nervous System

with Rainey

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a potent psychobiological method for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress. It can reset the nervous system, restore inner balance, enhance resilience to stress and increase people’s vitality, equanimity and capacity to actively engage in life. It is the result of the life’s work of Dr. Peter A. Levine.

Yoga is the powerful art and science of bringing the body, mind and heart into the present moment. It offers varying tools for being present and integrating the layers of our being into a united and functional whole. But when the nervous system is stuck in the past due to trauma and chronic stress that is unresolved, then these tools don’t always work well. Paradoxically, these tools can also be part of the resolution when the right context and attention is given. This is where SE can help yoga be of more benefit to the practitioner, and where yoga can be a doorway into the simple and subtle practices of SE. SE and yoga can mutually benefit and support each other in deepening our access to the present moment and cultivating a resiliency of body, mind and heart.

“Trauma is responding to today’s events as if they were the same as the past.” ~ Bessel Van der Kalk

In this workshop you will gain insight into…

  • How the nervous system functions and how it can get stuck

  • An understanding of the poly-vagal theory of the nervous system

  • Seeing trauma as it is held in the body

  • How yoga poses can support or hinder the healing of trauma

  • How chronic stress impacts the nervous system and tools for coping with it

  • How simple SE techniques can help yogis settle their nervous system and gain more benefit from their yoga practice

  • Tending the mind through the body and visa versa

$195 Early bird pricing through May 5
$225 Full price May 6 & after

Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to module start; after which, no refunds are given.


Sunday, May 19, 1:00-4:00p

Hours: 3.0

Empower Your Practice: Clarifying ‘Advanced’ Asana

with Nathaniel Amos

Join Nathaniel for an introduction to creative sequencing for ‘advanced’ physical asana and prepare to take your practice safely and sustainably to the next level. We will begin with lecture organized around anatomical sequencing that is focused on cultivating safe, aligned actions that build towards advanced shapes.

Come learn and then play! Leave with a sense of accomplishment and a direction for deepening your practice at home and in public classes. This is a workshop designed for both teachers and students alike!

Please note that this workshop is limited to 12 participants; pre-registration is highly encouraged.

$60 early bird through May 12
$75 full price May 13 & after

This is a 3-part Advanced Asana series offered by Nathaniel at SYA in 2019.

Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to the class start; after which, no refunds are given.


Saturday, June 15, 1:00-8:00p
Sunday, June 16, 1:00-4:00p

Hours: 10.0

Sustainable Yoga Immersion: Discover the 4 Pillars of Practice

with Brea Johnson

Join Brea Johnson of Heart & Bones Yoga for a weekend of exploration as we blend movement science, yoga and alignment into a succinct, sustainable and empowered practice. You will discover the 4 pillars of a sustainable yoga practice, what they are and how to apply them to any style of yoga or movement practice.

Gain a better understanding of human movement, learn to observe bodies and how to design a yoga practice that supports the health of your joints, prevent wear and tear, and keep you and your students practicing in a healthy way for years to come.

With a focus on hips, shoulders and the nervous system, we will dive into the nooks and crannies as we explore mobility, functional movement and how to update some of the most popular yoga asanas to ones that are supportive and healthy for the long term.

Perfect for yogis and yoga teachers looking to expand and update their practice and teaching.

$200 Early bird pricing through June 2
$240 Full price June 3 & after

Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to the series start; after which, no refunds are given.

robin rothenberg 2019.jpg

Saturday, July 20, 1:00-8:00 p

Hours: 7.0

Low and Slow: Stabilization Principles & Gentle Practices for Accessible Asana

with special guest Robin Rothenberg

Safe and informed asana practice requires careful attention to cuing and the cultivation of interoceptive awareness within the student. In this workshop, Robin will guide teachers on how to slow down practice and take students into an educational experience of functional movement, utilizing adaptive asana coordinated with breath.

This focused and mindful process deepens practice for all levels of practitioners, as it allows time for internal assessment, assimilation, and refinement. It also uniquely builds confidence in students with limited ROM or who are working through areas of chronic pain and need practices that stabilize and strengthen without creating joint strain. Robin brings her expertise, accrued over 30 years of working as a yoga therapist and training teachers in the art of adaptation, to share with the SYA community.

$140 Early bird pricing through July 14
$165 Full price July 15 & after

300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Overview


Two Ways to Join:

1.  Working toward certification through Yoga Alliance?  

Fill out & send us the application form, including a copy of your 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate of completion, and your $100 deposit. ($50 of this application fee goes towards your first 300-hour TT module.)

Mail to: Seattle Yoga Arts, 1540 15th Ave, Seattle WA 98122, or email us the application at nicole@seattleyogaarts.com and call the studio at 206-440-3191 to pay the application fee by credit card. 

For more information, download a detailed breakdown of requirements for certification through Yoga Alliance. Upon registering you will receive tools with which to track your hours.

2.  Just taking classes for your own education? 

No need to send in an application. Simply register online for the modules of your choice.



2019 Year-Long Course

January through December (Two meetings per month)
Living Yoga: A Year of Deepening & Awakening – Ellen Boyle

2019 Module Overview

January 18-20
Restorative Yoga (Level 1): Teaching the Art of Stillness – Claudette Evans & Nicole Bratt

March 8-11
Supple & Strong: Integrating Strength and Flexibility – Amanda Ford

April 19-21
How to Design & Teach Intro to Yoga Series – Beth Award

May 11-12
Somatic Experiencing® and Yoga: Tending Trauma and Chronic Stress Through the Wisdom of the Nervous System  – Elizabeth Rainey

May 19, Sept 22, & Oct 27
Empower Your Practice: Clarifying ‘Advanced’ Asana (3-part series; can be taken sequentially or separately) – Nathaniel Amos

June 15-16
Sustainable Yoga Immersion: Discover the 4 Pillars of Practice – Brea Johnson

July 20
Slow and Low: Stabilization Principles & Gentle Practices for Accessible Asana – Robin Rothenberg

September 14-15
Weaving Together Healing Traditions: Exploring Touchpoints between Yoga and Western Psychology – Nathaniel Amos

October 18-20
Restorative Yoga (Level 2): Advanced Techniques for Teachers – Nicole Bratt and Claudette Evans

November 8-10
Exploring Meditation: Developing and Deepening a Transformative Practice – Sarah Trudeau

November 22-24
Yoga for Parkinson’s & other Movement Disorders – Peter Lynch