Photo Credit:  Anita Nowacka

        Photo Credit: Anita Nowacka

Denise Benitez

Founder, Seattle Yoga Arts

I am in love with multiple streams of yoga, philosophy, psychology and movement. I practiced Iyengar yoga beginning at age 16 with many wonderful teachers of that method, and this practice transformed an anxiety-ridden teenager into a functioning adult! From 1992 to 2012 I studied Anusara yoga and Tantric philosophy.

I love books, dogs, water, movement, dancing, poetry, and the tropics. You’ll find my classes informed by anything from my latest movement fascination to Jungian psychology, all of it anchored by my passion for kinesthetic discovery and wise movement that is sound and effective. I think moving slowly makes one strong both physically and mentally, and that yoga is a practice of reflective consciousness that is mysteriously and profoundly healing. I’ve practiced yoga for five decades and it has cellularly rearranged my heart and provided a soul purpose to my life. I look to nature, animals, my students, and my own observations of the life of the body and soul as resources for my teaching.