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Ellen Boyle

My heartfelt intention in any space I teach is that everyone feels welcome, supported and safe to be themselves, and to meet themselves with a soft kindness that begins the deep work and healing of yoga. I am deeply inspired by the Anusara method and use those alignment principles to guide my students into being fully present, embodying healthy alignment and a balance of strength and ease. Each class offers a lesson from the wisdom teachings of yoga, Ayurveda or mindfulness to open the heart and inspire an open-mind realizing who we really are: a radiant being halfway between heaven and earth. With lots of compassion and definitely some humor, we practice and grow together.

A lifelong student of life of what it is to be a human, I completed my BFA in Musical Theater and Dance and my MFA in Acting pursuing a career as a professional actor for many years in Chicago and Seattle. I have had the honor of teaching at Cornish College of the Arts since 1997 where I am currently a Professor of Theater teaching Physical Technique, Yoga and a course I created called Living Mindfully.

In 2002 I completed my first of 3 teacher trainings and began teaching right away. In 2007 I completed my 300-hour advanced teacher training in the therapeutic Vini Yoga method so that I can teach people of all capacities.

In 2015 I became certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor to deepen my understanding of how this sister science of yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and vibrant health.

In 2018 I launched the Living Yoga course at Seattle Yoga Arts for anyone who wants to dive more deeply into the practices of yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness to more fully awaken, uplevel their health and grow in a like-minded and nurturing community of seekers.

I am deeply committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness and living my life in a way that inspires and promotes personal and planetary healing. I love the Earth and all of her creatures. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. yogiblossom.com / ellen@yogiblossom.com