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Dharma Wisdom Seattle Sangha – Winter Session

13-WEEK SERIES with Meg

The intention of this program is to encourage a deepening of our meditation practice and, within the refuge of sangha (spiritual community), to share insights and support for living with wisdom and compassion. We'll begin each of our 13 meetings with a half-hour of meditation followed by an investigation of The Lost Art of Compassion by Lorne Ladner, PhD.

Our sangha is delighted to be revisiting this remarkable book! It is a wise, in-depth guide to the many facets of compassion that when studied and practiced provide a path to lasting happiness. The topics include self-compassion, loving communication, gratitude, the Tibetan buddhist meditation practice of Tonglen, and more. Dr. Ladner is passionate about the cultivation of compassion, which he believes is critically needed in our current western culture. He explains, "To the extent that we dwell in love and compassion, we co-create a world characterized by peace, mercy, safety, and inspiring beauty."

"Lorne Ladner is like an inner archaeologist brilliantly illuminating the treasured jewels of compassion—an essential but often neglected component of personal and global transformation.”
~ Tara Bennett-Goleman, author of Emotional Alchemy

In keeping with the tradition of Theravadan Buddhism, the teachings will be freely offered. Participants are encouraged to make a donation (dana) of any amount for the instruction. To pay for the costs of using the studio and its resources, a registration fee of $91 is requested. (Scholarships are available.)

Notes: There are folding chairs, blankets, bolsters, mats, and other props at the studio for our use.

Fridays 8:00-9:25a
There will be no meeting on Friday, February 16.

Registration Fee: $91


A series allows your teacher to teach progressively and to tailor the class, theme or goal as they get to know each individual over time. Staying with one group for several weeks also builds commitment, community, and understanding for both the student and the teacher. Research shows that we learn better, feel discomfort less, and are more optimistic when we feel included in community. Our series classes build that kind of inclusion.

Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to the series start; after which, no refunds are given.