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Motion, Health, & Hormones: Optimizing Home Yoga and Walking Programs

WORKSHOP with Steve Thompson

Vitality is associated with movement. As we “age,” we experience accumulating losses of small amounts of motion, particularly at the hips, ribs, and shoulders, due to injuries and less than optimal posture.

Full-range leg and arm movements are essential for driving and balancing fluids and hormones and sustaining organ health. As our movement becomes restricted, we become more susceptible to gaining weight, losing energy, and contracting diseases.

Yoga can play a substantial role in counteracting the adverse effects of sitting. It can teach us where we have motion deficits and tell us how to address them in our home and walking programs.

  • Explore yoga poses that illuminate our bodies’ asymmetries and limitations; learn to detect movements that may reflect dysfunctions

  • Learn when and how to best incorporate yoga and walking into our daily lives in order to produce more energy, better weight management, and improved immunity

  • Gain a basic understanding of the role of the endocrine glands in producing hormones that maintain vitality

  • Learn 3 stretches for sustaining the hormonal drive produced by motion of the hips, ribs, and shoulders

  • Acquire an appreciation for the long-term effects of so-called minor strains and sprains on hips, ribs, and shoulders

  • Develop strategies for addressing movement limitations that do not respond well to stretching

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About Steve:

Steve Thompson is a Seattle osteopathic physical therapist who has practiced yoga for over 30 years. He has been intrigued by movement since early childhood, when he began bodysurfing and playing tennis. He continues to enjoy these activities, plus skiing, swimming, running, and dancing. Before embarking on a physical therapy career, he taught physics and worked as a patent attorney.

Date: Saturday, April 13

Time: 2:00-4:00 pm

Tuition: $45

Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to the class start; after which, no refunds are given.