Jacque Sweet

Jacque is a nurturer, a promoter of well-being, and a believer of living passionately. She loves to experience the world with an open mind and an open heart. Outside of work and teaching yoga, Jacque enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, foraging, cooking, traveling, dancing, and crafting. Inspired by the bonds between humans, all other living organisms, the universe and the universal unknown, she has found yoga as an essential tool for the exploration of these connections and in finding a greater understanding of herself.

Jacque has been practicing yoga since 2004 and found Seattle Yoga Arts in 2011. She completed her Anusara inspired 200-RYA under Karen Sprute-Francovich of Garden Street Yoga in 2012. Jacque is committed to the ongoing study of her yoga practice and efforts to seek fresh and creative methods of teaching in the process. Her teachings draw from her daily interactions and observations and her class plans invite a patient, mindful practice with an emphasis on the correlation between the breath, proper alignment, and a strong foundation. She always teaches with the intention to bring confidence, love and balance to ourselves and our community. sjacquelyn@yahoo.com