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Nathaniel Amos

Yoga found Nathaniel during a tumultuous, teen-aged summer; they flirted, but parted ways. The story wasn’t finished (fortunately for him). They reunited in a cooler season and their relationship blossomed. After years together, Nathaniel is (still) surprised how yoga delights the mind, challenges the body, and inspires the heart. He completed his 200-hour teacher training at DIG Yoga-Philadelphia in Fall 2013, and, in his work since, Nathaniel has focused his study around yoga as a healing modality. He began exploring physical therapeutics under the teachings of Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, and Gina Weddle. He continues to grow his knowledge alongside the guidance of Doug Keller, Jillian Pransky, and Zhenja La Rosa. Nathaniel teaches Prenatal Yoga, trained by international expert Sue Elkind. He loves supporting pregnant students (and their partners!) bring new life to the world. 

In his public classes, Nathaniel builds a light-hearted atmosphere in which students unearth the alignment-focused actions embedded in each asana. He hopes his students find yoga accessible, clear, and as joyful as he does. In his off-the-mat life, Nathaniel works as psychotherapist. He continues to build touchpoints between the physical yoga practice and its potential for psychological healing as well as nurturing a socially just society. He has recently relocated from Philadelphia to Seattle and is consistently excited by the mountains, green, and the wisdom of Seattle's yoga students.