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Sarah Trudeau

Sarah Trudeau began her yogic journey as a child, standing on her head, walking on her hands, and eating breakfast in the splits. She absorbed the mystical teachings of the books that surrounded her, like ‘Autobiography of a Yogi,’ and the poetry of Rumi. A gymnast and dancer growing up, she discovered yoga in her twenties, and found it a beautiful extension of her prior passions. The blending of physical movement and spiritual awareness felt like home to her, and eventually inspired her to travel to India in 2009. She spent a year crisscrossing that vibrant country, studying yoga everywhere she went. She received her teaching certification from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta in southern India, and shortly thereafter flew to Thailand, where she spent months offering free daily classes on the beach.

Returning to Seattle after a year and a half abroad, Sarah resumed her studies at Seattle Yoga Arts. She completed her second 200-hour Teacher Training in 2012 under the guidance of Denise Benitez and Elizabeth Rainey. Since then, Sarah has taught yoga in studios, schools, prisons, and the YMCA. In addition to her yoga practice, Sarah is deeply passionate about meditation. She has spent over 1,000 hours in seated vipassana practice, exploring the vast dominion of the mind and body. Her practice of meditation is interwoven throughout her classes, which blend safe, inclusive movement with beneficial awareness practices.