Under the guidance of our skilled faculty, find space and strength that you didn't know you had

"I love how SYA instructors apply knowledge of human anatomy in teaching. That has been healing to me in a very real way. I like the pace (not fast transitions) and level of demand on my body."  Student Anne S.


About Our Teaching Method

All of our teachers have a strong foundation in an alignment based, heart-expansive, life-affirming yoga philosophy informed by the Anusara Principles of Alignment. At our studio, you will learn and refine this effective and elegant set of alignment principles that will keep your body safe. We don’t emphasize hyper-flexibility, nor do we neglect strength. Our aspiration is the optimal evolution and balance of hearts, minds and bodies through the various practices of yoga.

All of our teachers bring to their teaching years of passionate investigation into various movement modalities, long familiarity with meditation, deep study in anatomy and physiology, and extensive yoga teaching experience. Our staff are career yoga teachers who are committed to their ongoing learning and skill building and they have a true enthusiasm for sharing the beauty and power of yoga with you.

Support Team

Our administrative support is provided by inspired yoginis and our dedicated work-study team. We strive to support our faculty and students with integrity, compassion and professionalism.  It is our joy to serve you!