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CANCELED - We will reschedule! Yoga for Menopause

Transitions offer the most powerful and meaningful changes in our lives. Before, during, and after menopause we find ourselves potentially confronting some of the most unnerving physical and emotional challenges since we experienced puberty. If we give ourselves the chance we can chose a path, cultivating a graceful acceptance, while also taking advantage of the myriad tools that the yoga tradition and alternative healing modalities offer for meeting those challenges.
In this two-day workshop, we will:
• Dialogue with other women about experiences during menopause; gaining invaluable wisdom from our sisters going through similar life transitions.
• Take an honest look at both the wonderful and formidable aspects of being an aging woman.
• Learn and practice five yogic tools for menopause: Fluidity, Strength, Breath, Meditation, Rejuvenation. Discover elements to add into your practice to make it safer and more effective, and when and how to use these tools for greatest benefit. You will leave deeply nourished and with a set of practices that will enable you to meet the great life wave of menopause with more confidence and support.
• Learn from Karyn Schwartz, proprietress of SugarPill herbal apothecary, about the resources available through herbalism & homeopathy.


Canceled!  We will reschedule this event, please stay tuned.