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November Full Moon Yoga Mandala

In the Tantric tradition, the full moon is personified as feminine. It is a time when moon gazing or moon honoring can bring forth powerful stillness and healing. We'll follow the cycle of the full moon, practicing a well-rounded mandala of yogic arts to both release accumulated tensions and energetic congestion from the past month and create a more clarified inner space for the month to come. Note that the hours of the classes vary due to studio availability and hours of light (we want to practice after dark). Each month's focus will draw upon the cycles of nature at that time.

Our Practice:
* Basic Meditation Guidance - 15 minutes
* Moving asana – 35 minutes
* Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha Mantra – 5 minutes
* Nadi Shodhana Pranayama - 5 minutes
* Meditation - 20 minutes
* Savasana – 10 minutes

Tuition: $30

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