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Body Harmony: A Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing Workshop

Every cell in the body is a sound resonator, pulsating in a rhythmic pattern. Ideally, the patterns are in resonant harmony and sympathy with the cycles of Nature. When we lose connection to the rhythms and cycles of nature and the interconnections to all things in the universe, this alienation manifests itself as imbalance and disease.
Join us for a re-harmonizing experience of Yoga Nidra and Acutonics Sound Healing. Yoga Nidra is an ancient and sacred practice of profound relaxation that melts tension on all levels and guides us towards our core, essential nature of vibratory Consciousness. Acutonics is a system of vibrational sound healing
rooted in Oriental Medicine and philosophy that seeks to harmonize and balance the body, psyche and soul to reconnect us with the cycles of nature and the cosmos.
The workshop will begin with an individual grounding practice using tuning forks. We will continue with a harmonizing yoga and yoga nidra practice with attention to the chakras (vibrational energy centers).
Soundscape will be interspersed throughout the practice. We will end with a beautiful sound immersion.

Tuition: $40

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