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Lionhearts: Teaching to Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Loss

What do you do when a student comes to you and shares their losses and struggles?  How do you work with someone who is offering their emotional andmental story to you, hoping that you can help?  Your sense of responsibility and desire to help requires your courage, humility, and patience.  Yet at the same time, you are not their therapist or spiritual guide.  The purpose of this weekend is to support you with skills and insights so you can serve your students as they show up with struggles they hope to ease through their practice.  Understand how depression, anxiety, loss, grief, and trauma are experienced on multiple levels.  Learn about how yoga practice impacts the depths of our students' mental and emotional lives.  Gain tools to help you teach to your lionhearted students who are living with powerful mental and emotional challenges. 

You Will Learn

  • How to create safe space for tender hearts.
  • How to use language that is less likely to trigger a trauma response.
  • What to do if a student experiences anxiety or strong emotion in class.
  • What kind of practices most soothe the nervous system.When and when not to meditate.
  • How over-helping can victimize students.
  • When to move fast and when to move slow.Permissions and boundaries.
  • Learn how to create a specific trauma sensitive class.

 Schedule: Friday 5:00-8:00pm; Saturday 1:00-7:00pm

Tuition: $150

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