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Stable and Free: The Shoulder Joints in Asana and Life

The shoulder joint is often called the most complex in the body, and it is a part of us that demonstrates our innate human movement. The arms and shoulders embrace, lift, push, pull, and carry. The joint itself has a shallow construction and is layered with ligaments and muscle that create both stability and the great freedom of the arms to express themselves. This amazing and intricate structure is challenged in any yoga practice. There are often anatomical inaccuracies in the way yoga students and teachers understand the movement of the shoulder blades and as a result this joint is one of the most at risk for injury in yoga. During this weekend, Bianca and Amy will illuminate a more refined understanding of the elegant shoulder joint. They'll clarify the language around how the joint optimally moves and offer insights & exercises from their work with yoga and anatomy as well as from their hands on experience from seeing and teaching a wide range of students over their teaching careers. 

You will learn: 

  • How to see the joint in its vulnerability and strengths through in depth anatomical exploration
  • The habits of muscles that adaptively shorten or lengthen and how to release and strengthen them
  • Understand how to define and see optimal alignment for the shoulder joint Insight on how the shoulder joint and rib cage & skull influence one another
  • Gain clarity on the optimal range of motion and how to instruct it in practice 

Our Schedule:

  • Friday 5:00-8:00pm with Bianca; Hands on Anatomy of the Shoulder: Boney and muscular alignment, the optimal blue print. 
  • Saturday 1:00-6:00pm with Amy and Bianca; Applied Anatomy & Asana Alignment Principles, Common Movement Patterns, Observation, Tenacious Tendencies. Amy: Teaching Tools for Healthy Shoulders "Good" Cues, "Bad" Cues, Sequencing, Practice Teaching, Observation

These classes are part of our 300 Hour Teacher Training, but they are open to all.

Tuition: Friday only $50; Saturday only $100; Full Weekend $140

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