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Theme Weaver Immersion: Teaching from Metaphor & Imagination

Theming is a powerful tool in the yoga teacher's toolbox.  A skillful theme touches the heart of the student and has the power to affect the physical and subtle body through metaphor and imagination.  In this teacher's workshop, you will learn how to articulate meaningful themes that touch the student on every level.  We will cover how to inspire with authenticity and how to cultivate your particular voice as a teacher.  We will dig into the fundamentals of finding and  developing themes and  how to ground them into the body and weave them into asana class.  This weekend will be a mix of discussion, journaling & contemplation, and practicum.  You will come away inspired with clear, practical tools to bring themes into your yoga classes!

 You Will Learn:

· Pragmatic tools for how to theme your class

· How to make lofty yogic concepts accessible without sounding new-agey

· How to increase the potency of your theme through simplicity

· Living a life of contemplation - it takes time to juice a lemon!

· Shadows of theming - Meet the Expert & the Perfectionist and the Critic

· Understand how theming affects the subtle body through the imagination 

· How to inspire with authenticity, using your own personal experience

· How to design themes for on-going session of classes

Tuition: $155 for full weekend

Our schedule: Friday 2:00-7:00pm, Saturday 1:00-6:00pm

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