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Slaying Sacred Cows: Understanding Anatomy to Avoid Common Cueing Errors

With Susan Grote, PT, CYI

While it has been traditional to emphasize alignment and action in yoga poses, our common alignment cues often don’t reflect anatomical knowledge. This workshop will develop clear instruction that is in keeping with sound anatomy and physiological principles as well as following sutra guidelines of creating steadiness and comfort in yoga poses. Learn how to articulate with precision and accuracy. We will dissect yoga poses to understand why commonly used cues can actually cause more harm than good.

Friday Afternoon: Finding your ground. A focus on pelvic, low back, and lower extremity positioning and how they affect stability and mobility. Learn how positioning affects muscle firing. Establish cues to create strength and stability as well as freedom of movement. Evaluate the debate of squaring the hips in standing poses. Understand how to engage your gluts and core wisely.

Saturday Afternoon: Reaching beyond habit. A focus on the upper body, from the spine to the wrists. Learn how to cue pain free shoulder and neck movement. Create vocabulary to balance strength and flexibility. Understand how to create a solid foundation while weight bearing on the arms and how to protect the shoulder and wrist joints.

Tuition: $155 for the weekend

Friday Schedule: 2:00-7:00pm
Saturday Schedule: 1:00-6:00pm

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This event is part of our 300 Hour Teacher Training program but is open to teachers and non-teachers alike.

Earlier Event: July 18
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