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Public Forum: What Are We Actually Doing In Asana?

We're honored to sponsor Matthew Remski in Seattle. Matthew Remski travels globally to facilitate discussions and trainings in Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda. He is currently curating the What Are We Actually Doing in Asana? project, to be published in September of 2016.
Over the past eight years as an asana teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, Matthew has heard hundreds of stories of classroom or self-practice injury. In January of 2014 he began a formal qualitative research project to catalogue the pedagogical, psychological, and socio-cultural contexts that can make practice less safe. He'll present stories and themes from the 80+ interviews he has conducted, and moderate a discussion about how we manage and give meaning to discomfort and pain on the mat, and some best practices for creating the best learning environments possible.
"This research digs beneath the statistics of yoga injuries to examine the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies, about perfection, inadequacy and freedom. We all know that repetitive strain or too much flexibility creates the conditions for injury. But what we haven’t brought to light yet are the consequences of the narratives we tell ourselves-how they set us up for physical trouble in practice and how they influence the way we go through life. This research will help you pay attention to the strange unconscious intentions that get all mixed up in a life-long practice, so you can clear out unhelpful motivations and follow through on what’s truly good for you.” Michael Stone, author, social activist, and Buddhist teacher. 

Tuition: $25. All funds go to support the research project. Reduced rate payments accepted at the studio.

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