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The Psychologically Sound Classroom

These classes are part of our 300hour Teacher Training program. They are open to all! 

Friday, September 18: 
1:00– 3:30pm  The Sacred Seat of the Teacher

*Group practice
5:00-7:30pm Creating the Container
*The Classroom as a holding environment
*Attachment theory
*Fostering healthy contact
*Setting a healthy home for students to promote reparative experiences and safety

Saturday, September 19:
1:00-4:00 pm  How to Theme Like a Psychological Badass      
*How to theme in a psychologically sound way
*Psychological importance and skillful use of active voice
*The neuroscience of different styles of yoga and what  difference that makes for students
5:00-7:30pm Authoritarian vs. Authoritative Alignment - Verbal Cues for Healing and Sanity
*Using verbal cues to guide students into their own experience versus projecting what the  theme should do inside them. Intrinsic versus extrinsic movement
*Cueing to promote deeper contact with self and other

Sunday, September 20:
1:00-4:00pm  Boundary Lines - Clear Physical and Verbal Adjustments

*Personal presence as healing and teaching 
*Ethical relationships and boundaries
*Ethical touch and adjustments
*Somatic Countertransference: using your body to know when to adjust for a healing  moment

Tuition: $260 for entire weekend; $55 per individual section

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