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Yoga & Difficult Emotions

Living means having emotions with a great variety and nuance. They can be profoundly helpful, provide guidance, and are often fleeting in nature. However, sometimes challenging emotions arise with upsetting consequences and often at the most inconvenient of times. For some of us, these emotions can shape our lives in rather dramatic and upsetting ways, reflecting powerful patterns in our lives. When we get stuck here, exploring yoga can help us to prevent or disrupt these patterns and help us unlock a greater variety of emotions that may have felt inaccessible for some time.

As we explore yoga and the emotional body during this workshop, we will learn about ways that emotions live in the body, how they effect us, and how they can be disrupted from reinforcing damaging emotional patterns. We will learn to navigate these emotions, both their gifts and challenges, on the mat through postural, breathing, and meditation practices, and discuss ways we can take what we’ve done on the mat and our time together into our daily lives.

Tuition: $50


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