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Yoga for Anxiety & Depression

Sadness, grief, fear, stress, and more are all part of the human experience, as are joy, delight, frustration, and enthusiasm. They make the fabric of life rich and strong. They help us remember also that we are connected profoundly to one another. When any of these states become overwhelming or disruptive they begin to create a powerful strain on our bodies and minds. Most commonly this happens with depression and anxiety.
When we find ourselves living day and day out in within these states it becomes difficult to interfere with this chronic disruption of our health and wellbeing. We encounter feelings of isolation, futility, and resignation.
By incorporating the art and science of yoga in our approach to healing, we grow our ability to disrupt the cycles of anxiety and depression and increase our ability to access a greater variety of mental and emotional states.
This workshop will provide you with the space to explore the resources available through yoga in order to:

  • Tap into greater diversity of your states of mind and body
  • Tune into your experiences with less fear and more curiosity
  • Awaken your awareness of tools that you already have
  • Enhance your ability to begin to disrupt the oppression of living with anxiety and/or depression

You do not need to be currently experiencing anxiety or depression in your life to benefit from this workshop. There will be no requirement that you self disclose.

Accommodations will be made for a variety of levels of practice.

Tuition: $45