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Strong Yogi: Balancing Strength and Flexibility

The belief that the goal of yoga asana is to make our bodies as flexible and "open" as possible is a common misconception. Academic disciplines such as exercise science and biomechanics teach us that healthy joints need muscles that are flexible and strong. More often than not, it is strength -- not flexibility -- that serves as protection against injury, predicts longevity and helps ensure an independent life into old age. Flexibility is often overly emphasized in yoga instruction while strength principles are taught haphazardly at best, irresponsibly at worst with fast vinyasas, extreme temperatures and students encouraged to attempt advanced postures long before they have the strength, body awareness and motor control to do so.
In this workshop you will learn creative, safe and effective ways to seamlessly incorporate strength building into your yoga practice and teaching. You will come away with principles and techniques that will benefit all your students, from the uncoordinated to the athletic, from the injured to the robust. You will learn how the modern world places specific physical demands upon the human body and how people living in this specific time and place can use targeted flexibility and strength training to improve their health and quality of life.
We will spend time contemplating the history of yoga asana and you will be encouraged to open your mind to think critically and creatively about how you can apply modern knowledge about the human physical structure to the traditional practice of yoga. Finally, you will come to have new understandings of terms like flexibility, mobility, strength, muscular contraction (concentric, isometric and eccentric), muscular tension and muscle length.
Friday May 20; 2:00-7:00pm
Saturday May 21; 1:00-600pm
$155 for the full weekend

These classes are part of our 300 Hour Teacher Training. They are open to all; if you are taking the classes as hours toward your certification, please register for the program online in advance.


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