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Friday Sangha Dharma Wisdom - Summer Session

Sangha meets Friday mornings 8:00-9:15am for 11 weeks, June 17 to August 26

The intention of this program is to encourage a deepening of our meditation practice and, within the refuge of sangha (spiritual community), to share insights and support for living with wisdom and compassion. We'll begin each of our 11 meetings with a half-hour of meditation followed by an investigation of Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong.

A former nun and world religions scholar, Karen Armstrong is an impassioned advocate of compassion and has designed a twelve-step approach for cultivating and expanding our own capacity for karuna. Armstrong explores Buddhist themes familiar to sangha including mindfulness, suffering, and sympathetic joy, but also shares Christian, Islamic and Hindu traditions. Placing the practice of compassion not only in religious, historical and human development contexts, this book provides practical guidance and further reading to help us integrate compassion into our own lives and put it into action.

In keeping with the tradition of Theravadan Buddhism, the teachings will be freely offered. Participants are welcome to make a donation (dana) of any amount for the instruction.
To pay for the costs of using the studio and its resources, a registration fee of $75 is requested. (Scholarships are available.)

NOTES: There are folding chairs, blankets, bolsters, mats, and other props at the studio for our use