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Pelvic Floor Workshop

The pelvic floor is often an area of the body that is overlooked, but when it's not working well it causes all sorts of problems—everything from “sneeze pee” to more severe incontinence, menstrual dysfunction, and prostate issues can be directly linked to an unhappy pelvic floor. (Yes guys, you have pelvic floors too!) And so many of our modern habits, such as sitting in one position for long stretches of time, sucking in our stomachs, being cued to tuck our pelvises, and not walking nearly as much as our ancestors did, contribute to excessive tightness and weakness in these muscles.

This Restorative Exercise workshop will cover exercises and movements designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, as well as secondary muscles such as the hamstrings and glutes that directly affect the health of the pelvic floor. We'll also discuss alignment and everyday habits that keep these muscles working optimally.

Class size is limited to 10 students.

Tuition: $40


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