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The Heart of our Practice: Yoga as Sacred Activism

What is Sacred Activism? How can spiritual practice feed our work for peace and justice in the world? How can justice work and activism complete and enrich the process of spiritual introspection? Join Kate Fontana and Vania Kent, Co-Directors of Tacoma’s own nonprofit yoga studio Samdhana-Karana Yoga, for an afternoon of yoga practice, storytelling, and exploration of what it means and what it can look like to live life in the sacred space where our unique gifts meet the world’s needs. Questions that may be explored include:

  • Where does your heart ache? How can that be a guide towards the integration of spiritual practice and your work in the world?
  • What's the difference between service and justice?
  • What do we do about anger? Burnout? Compassion fatigue? Apathy? Hopelessness?
  • What's the balance of self-care and self-giving?
  • What is an ethical response for a yogi/yoga community during political polarity and social dis-ease?
  • What can racial justice look like in a yoga studio?
  • How do we practice right now living into the world we envision?

This is a benefit class, and all proceeds will go towards the work and mission of Samdhana-Karana Yoga, working to empower people of all incomes and abilities towards lives of joy, peace and purpose through the love, connection and mutual healing that yoga inspires. There will also be an ask, where you will have the opportunity to get more involved and give directly to specific programs.
Donation: $25 suggested (collected on-site)
All proceeds benefit SKY


Please note: This workshop qualifies for CEUs, including 300hr TTs.