Get Your Asana out of Bed!

As if waking up early wasn’t hard enough for many of us, here come the dark, cold mornings of a Seattle fall and winter making it feel almost impossible at times. And yet we know there are a number of profound benefits that can be found in the wee hours of the day. In almost all traditions, early morning is a holy time for prayer, meditation and conscious movement.  The early bird gets the worm and the early yogi can revel in the quiet contemplations of the dawn.   

Luckily for us, Claudette Evans is waking up early this October to lead an inspiring and fun morning series based on the research and writings of Brene Brown: Unmasking our Vulnerability.

If you would like to join the early morning series or just want to turn over a new leaf (autumnal pun intended) to experience the stillness and spaciousness of the early hours, here are some tips and inspirations to help you get up and at ‘em.

  • Establish regular circadian rhythms by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.
  • If sleepiness is persistent, open your eyes as wide as you can and look in every direction. This will stimulate and wake up your brain.
  • Have a foot massage ball near the bathroom sink and use it as you brush your teeth.
  • Tap your fingertips strongly on your sternum like Tarzan to stimulate your thymus gland.
  • Try to talk very little first thing in the morning. Language brings you into discursive thinking.
  • No radio, newspaper or email first thing in the morning. If you read anything, let it be a spiritual or inspirational book.
  • If your life allows it, do your creative work in the morning. Your mind has just left the depth of its creative source and will be primed.
  • Watching a sunrise is a reminder of the mystery and power in which we usually unconsciously live, and brings a sacred quality to the entire day.
  • Remind yourself that even with struggle and disappointment, each day is one of precious human embodiment.